Our Company


Modern technologies, artisan heart.

Zemac has been working in the industrial soundproofing field for over thirty years.

Throughout the years Zemac has grown, acquiring productive/manufacturing abilities of industrial scale thanks to modern technology and machinery, however, it managed to keep its “Artisan Heart” that garantees flexibility and originality on the final product.


Professionals in the industrial soundproofing field for over thirty years.

Zemac is founded in 1987. Since then, a steady and constant growth gained the company a solid reputation in the industry, making it a reliable partner of successful industries for the production of braiding and winding machines that are exported all over the world.

Zemac is able to solve every probelm connected to soundproofing, both on an industrial and enviromental level, designing and creating personalized systems.


Economic crisis as a new opportunity

With the beginning of the international economic crisis of 2009, semac dediced to diversify its business/industry production, expanding its work through collaborations/partnerships with construction companies, design firms/studies and interior decorators/designesrs.
The company managed to arise from this difficult time with renewed energy and ideas, that make zemac able to present itself as a manufacturer of construction carpentry, metallic inetrior decorations.

Our services

Customized design

Zemac offers its customers the experience and the technical ability to design industrial soundproofing systems and metallic products.
Customized design: survey with highly precise measuring instruments; creation of executive designs through cad and 3d softwares.

We are propositional partners able to turn the most complicated situation into efficient solutions.


Assembly work, and technical assistance.

Zemac offers its collaboration for the assembly of the structures and the artifacts created. Our qualified personnel takes care of the installation of the structures following the preparatory drawing made by our technical department.
In case our collaboration is not required, we guarantee the instructions and remote supportto our clients that permits to easily assemble the structures independently.

Regarding our technical assistance, we are able to quickly and efficiently assist all of our clients with the replacement of malfunctioning pieces or the ones subject to wear.